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End of Life doula services

The Importance of an End of Life Doula

The end of life can be a challenging and emotional time for ​everyone involved. Meet the end of life doula - a ​compassionate aide who can navigate you or your loved ​one through the final season. From practical planning to ​emotional support, I’m here to make sure your wishes are ​respected & the process is filled with empowerment & ​dignity. No matter who you are, where you're from or what ​you believe, I'm here. My commitment to you is ​professional & ethical: I do not engage in clinical or ​medical tasks. I will never push my beliefs on you & I will ​never make decisions for you.

Offerings & Services

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Advance Care ​Planning

Planning ahead is a game-changer. Make ​decisions now to ensure your wishes are ​respected & that you receive the care ​that’s right for you, when you need it ​most.

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Hourly Rates

Here for you, however long you need. ​Hourly end-of-life doula support ​available at any point in your journey.

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End of ​Life Packages​

Customized experiences to fit every ​unique circumstance. The best part? Our ​sliding scale means that everyone can ​benefit.​

Advance Care Planning

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Seeds of life icon, flower of life vector symbol

What is it?

Advance care planning involves deciding & ​documenting end-of-life wishes, treatment ​preferences & funeral/celebration of life ​choices. Pre-planning reduces stress & ​confusion to you, your loved ones & the ​healthcare team. It ensures wishes are ​respected & aligns care with personal values & ​beliefs. Plans should be updated regularly, ​especially if personal preferences or health ​status changes. The process is important to ​start early, as unexpected events can occur at ​any age.


  • Tailored to those without a life limiting ​illness who want to prepare for the ​unknown
  • Includes representation agreements, ​advance directives, decisions for medical ​care & treatment for varying possibilities
  • Basic post death planning
  • You’ll receive a physical & electronic copy ​of your Advance Care plan, with the option ​to update for an additional $100 within ​5 year​s

$250 / plan​

$400 / couples package​


  • Tailored to those with a life limiting illness
  • Includes representation agreements, ​advance directives, decisions for ​treatments & medical care for all variables ​& stages of the end of life process
  • Detailed body disposition wishes & ​funeral/celebration of life plans
  • You’ll receive both a physical & electronic ​copy of your Advance Care plan; Unlimited ​updates/edits to any of the documents as ​needed if your preferences change

$300 / plan​

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Hourly Rates

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How to Use

Hourly rates are a great option for those who need more flexible support. ​With personalized guidance & compassionate care, I’m here to support ​through every step. Utilize my hourly rates for any services below:

  • Facilitating discussions about end-of-life decisions with clients, ​families &/or healthcare staff
  • Providing emotional, practical & spiritual support before, during & after ​death
  • Creating meaningful, lasting legacy projects that truly capture the ​persons essence & spirit


$50 / hour

$40 / hour pre-purchasing 15+ hours

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Flower Life Sacred Geometry

End of Life Packages

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Clarity Package

  • Includes the Encompassed Advance Care ​Plan ($300 value)​
  • One 60 minute meeting about end-of-life​ decisions with client & families​
  • 10 hours of emotional, practical & spiritua​l support before deat​h
    • Book visits in 30-minute increments​, giving you full control over how yo​u want to utilize the tim​e


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comprehensive Package

Includes the Clarity Package as well as:

  • 5 hours of caregiver respite support
  • Unlimited legacy projects
  • Detailed vigil plan & preferences for the ​active dying process
  • Additional 10 hours used however you see ​fit


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Infinite Package

Includes all of the Comprehensive Package as ​well as:

  • On call vigil service
  • 8 hours of post death grief companionship &​ support, never expires​


About Bridge Beyond

Introducing ​Gabrielle

Gabrielle is a mother, yogi, crystal connoisseur & hospice volunteer, but her ​journey to this point has been an untraditional one. Once a commercial pilot, ​Gabrielle's personal experiences with death have inspired her to help others ​navigate the end-of-life process with greater peace & understanding. Her goal ​is to serve as a bridge for those facing this challenging time, providing the ​knowledge & empowerment needed to find comfort before, during & after the ​process.

Service Area

Proudly serving the Southern Georgian Bay area (within 45 minutes of ​Collingwood, Ontario).


  • Douglas College - Professional End of Life Doula Program
  • Death Doula Ontario Network member
  • End of Life Doula Association of Canada supporting member
  • Death Doula Network International premium member
  • Community Support, Grief/Bereavement & Alzheimer’s training through ​Hospice Georgian Triangle

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